LATAM CISO Summit 2023: What should we expect?

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law and its Digi Americas Alliance have released details about the second annual LATAM CISO Summit in Madrid, Spain, Oct. 2-3.

Red teaming large language models at DEF CON 31

Trying to trick large language models into giving up credit card number may not see like true red teaming but throwing thousands of people with different backgrounds will help establish guardrails to prevent these systems from misbehaving.

What’s new with the CSF 2.0?

NIST's Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 increases implementation guidance and focuses in measurements and assessments. Comments close in November with a 2024 release.

White House Announces Effort to Help K-12 Schools with Cybersecurity

The White House holds a summit to help school strengthen their cybersecurity.

Episode 3: Policy @ DEFCON with Beau Woods and Harley Geiger

Hacker Summer Camp is around the corner, listen to the latest episode of Distilling Cyber Policy to hear from Beau Woods and Harley Geiger, two experts in the cybersecurity field, to hear of what to expect in Las Vegas this year.

AI is here: What it means for digital identity and cybersecurity

As artificial intelligence has taken front and center, new threats the technology can enable have increased, making it harder than ever to know what -- and who -- is real online.

Won’t someone think of the cybersecurity: Recent agreements on cross-border data flows

Individuals have the right to have their data protected and new data privacy frameworks aim to do just that. But cross-border data analysis can help identify malicious cyber activities and cross-border cloud storage can increase systems' resilience.

Putting the DC in DEF CON … and other cybersecurity events

Hacker Summer Camp where policymakers and security researchers meet.

Bridging the Gap: Cybersecurity Policy and Risk Management

A recent seminar at Tuft University explored the link between the technical components of cybersecurity in addition to the policy and law implications and how this all comes together for effective cybersecurity governance.

Episode 2: UN Cybercrime Convention with Kaja Ciglic

The latest episode of Distilling Cyber Policy Podcast discusses the United Nations cybercrime treaty with Kaja Ciglic, the Senior Director for Digital Diplomacy at Microsoft.