Industry Coalitions Push for NIST’s Secure Software Development Framework as Basis of CISA’s Secure-by-Design Initiative

The Cybersecurity Coalition and the Coalition to Reduce Cyber Risk submitted comments to the CISA on its whitepaper on security by design.

Cybersecurity Coalition, ADI Submit Comments on Updated Acquisition Regulations

The Cybersecurity Coalition, in partnership with the Alliance for Digital Innovation, submitted comments to U.S. government agencies regarding the proposed updates to the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Hacking Policy Council Comments on NIST's responsibilities from AI EO

The Hacking Policy Council summited comments in response to the Request for Information (RFI) related to NIST’s responsibilities under the Artificial Intelligence Executive Order 14110.

Event Recap: 2024 Identity, Authentication, and the Road Ahead Policy Forum

A recap of the "Identity, Authentication, and the Road Ahead” Policy Forum hosted by the Better Identity Coalition, FIDO Alliance, and the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Hacking Policy Council Comments to New York State Department of Health on Proposed Hospital Cybersecurity Requirements

The Hacking Policy Council (“HPC”) submits the following comments in response to the New York Department of Health’s proposed addition to Section 405.46 to Title 10 NYCRR (“Hospital Cybersecurity Requirements).

Reframing the Conversation: A Deep Dive into the Encryption Debate

Governments say encryption prevents law enforcement from doing their job, but encryption protects everyone, including children and other vulnerable populations.

Breaking the endless loop and reframing the encryption debate

Encryption advocates and law enforcement are stuck in an endless loop when it comes to debating encryption. It's time for industry and law enforcement to sit down, discuss challenges, listen to one another, and work together to create solutions.

Vulnerability Management Under The Cyber Resilience Act

Companies should begin preparing now for the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act, a significant development in product security regulation and will apply to software and connected device manufacturers in and outside EU borders.

Joint industry comments push for permanent FCC Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Program

Joint comments to the Federal Communications Commission call for permanent funding for Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Program.

Better Identity at Five Years: An Updated Policy Blueprint and Report Card

The last five years has seen America make mixed progress on digital identity – in some cases embracing recommendations and moving forward – and in others stalled and rudderless in efforts to counter criminals and hostile nation states.