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New Network Resilience Coalition Launches to Address Threats to Outdated Network Infrastructure on a Global Scale

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Industry leaders across networking, service providers and cybersecurity today announced the launch of the Network Resilience Coalition...

Industry groups Urge White House to nominate new National Cyber Director

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law and other industry groups urge the White House to nominate a National Cyber Director to continue to momentum of the Office of the National Cyber Director.

Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law Launches Initiatives To Support Detection and Remediation of Security Vulnerabilities

Hacking Policy Council and Security Research Legal Defense Fund Will Advance Security Research Protections and Awareness

Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law to Engage with Industry on Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Practices for Hardware

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law announced a new cybersecurity effort to examine coordinated vulnerability disclosure policy and processes specific to hardware…