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Cyber Leaders Discuss a Common AI and Cyber Vision in LATAM

Industry, government, and civil society stakeholders from across Latin America, the EU, and U.S. convened in Colombia last month for a roundtable discussion "Towards a Common AI and Cyber Vision in LATAM," hosted by the Digi Americas Alliance.

Building Digital Solidarity: The New International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy

U.S. State Department releases International Cyberspace & Digital Policy Strategy, building off the U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Event Recap - Advancing Risk Management: Cybersecurity, Privacy and AI

The CCPL hosted a half-day event during the RSA Conference in San Francisco featuring speakers from the NIST and the NCCoE to talk about the Cybersecurity, Privacy, and AI risk management frameworks.

CISA in the Driver’s Seat Over Critical Infrastructure

The Biden Administration released a new National Security Memorandum that aims to strengthen the U.S. critical infrastructure.

The UK PSTI Act Comes into Effect

The UK’s Product Security and Telecoms Infrastructure Act comes into effect today and If you are doing business in the UK and are a manufacturer or retailer of consumer smart products find out the implications.

The U.S. Data Security EO with Lee Licata and Grant Dasher (DCP S2 E3)

In the latest Distilling Cyber Policy podcast episode, Lee Licata, from the Department of Justice, and Grant Dasher, from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency discuss the recent data privacy executive order with our hosts.

New Report Highlights Need for Investment to Reduce Systemic Risks of Ransomware in Latin America

A new report from the Digi Americas Alliance, written in collaboration with Duke University, looks at cyber readiness in Latin America and some of the pressing challenges these nations are facing.

CISA Proposes Sweeping Cyber Incident Reporting for U.S. Companies

The federal government is one step closer to requiring approximately 315,000 businesses to report cyber incidents and ransomware payments. 

Event Recap: Spring Into Privacy with the NIST Privacy Engineering Program

The NIST Privacy Framework is getting a little "Spring Cleaning." Officials from NIST's Privacy Engineering Program updated participants on updated to the Privacy Framework and other projects at an event last week.

Multiple Organizations Request 30-day Extension on CIRCIA Comments

The Cybersecurity Coalition, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and 23 other organizations have requested a 30-day extension to the comment period for the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act (CIRCIA) from CISA.