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EU’s Cyber Resilience Act can bolster security, but lacks structure

The Cyber Resilience Act can, if done correctly, meet its objectives to bolster the security and resilience of products, however, as structured its effectiveness may be undermined.

Bureau for Cyber Statistics Proposed

A proposed Bureau for Cyber Statistics would centralize cybersecurity data collection, produce informative analysis reports, and inform policymaker’s decisions regarding cybersecurity.

Changing the Cybersecurity Mindset

Here are some recommendations to start the new year on how organizations can think differently about cybersecurity.

U.S. Government Advances TikTok Restrictions

The U.S. has several federal policy activities underway that could place new restrictions on TikTok, the popular social media platform owned by Chinese technology company ByteDance.

K-12 Institutions at Risk of Cyber Attack

A new report shows that K-12 schools are at a higher risk of cyberattack from ransomware operators and hacktivists.

Recommendations from White House Ransomware Summit

Ransomware remains one of the most disruptive cyber threats to governments, organizations, and individuals.

House bill would jump ahead of in-progress efforts to secure software at federal agencies

The Apache Log4j vulnerability brought to light a challenge for software providers that had been seldom seen.

CFPB Policy Calls out MFA, Password Management

For years, regulators have been examining ways to push companies to use phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA).

White House’s IoT Labeling Effort Has Potential, Must Avoid Pitfalls

Earlier this week the White House announced a new consumer Internet of Things (IoT) labeling effort designed to assist consumers in identifying secure technologies.

3 Actions Latin American Leaders Must Take to Reduce Risk of Cyberattacks

Threat actors are targeting government and private sector organizations across Latin America, so business and political leaders must step up to meet the challenge.