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Episode 6: Congressional Cyber Policy with former Rep. Jim Langevin

Former U.S. Congressman Jim Langevin joins the pod to discuss a few of his many contributions to the field, including as the co-founder of the bipartisan Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus.

NSTAC report details abuse of domestic infrastructure findings and recommendations

As the number of foreign actors using U.S. commercial network infrastructure to launch cyber-attacks has increased, a new report from the details findings and recommendations to deal with this abuse.

CyberNext DC 2023 Preview and Agenda

The Cybersecurity Coalition and the Cyber Threat Alliance are hosting CyberNext DC, a day-long policy summit featuring prominent members of the cybersecurity community who are actively engaged in cybersecurity policy issues.

Episode 5: The New DoD Cyber Strategy with Deputy Assistant Secretary Mieke Eoyang

Mieke Eoyang, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy, provides valuable insights around the 2023 DoD Cyber Strategy summary and her thoughts on how cyber warfare have significantly evolved in the last decade.

Untangling the Web of Redlines: The UN Cybercrime Convention possible stalemate

Unless disagreements between western democracies and authoritarian regimes on key issues of the cybercrime treaty are resolved quickly, it’s unlikely that a treaty will materialize in 2024.

Episode 4: 10 years of the Cavalry with Joshua Corman

In our latest episode, Alex Botting and Jen Ellis from the Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law sat down with Josh Corman, co-founder of I Am The Cavalry, to learn more about the movement.

LATAM CISO Summit 2023: What should we expect?

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law and its Digi Americas Alliance have released details about the second annual LATAM CISO Summit in Madrid, Spain, Oct. 2-3.

What’s new with the CSF 2.0?

NIST's Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 increases implementation guidance and focuses in measurements and assessments. Comments close in November with a 2024 release.

White House Announces Effort to Help K-12 Schools with Cybersecurity

The White House holds a summit to help school strengthen their cybersecurity.

Episode 3: Policy @ DEFCON with Beau Woods and Harley Geiger

Hacker Summer Camp is around the corner, listen to the latest episode of Distilling Cyber Policy to hear from Beau Woods and Harley Geiger, two experts in the cybersecurity field, to hear of what to expect in Las Vegas this year.