Our Story

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law is an independent organization dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity worldwide by providing government, private industry, and civil society with practices and policies to better manage security threats.

Established in 2017 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, the Center combines policy expertise with convening power to bring industry leaders together with policymakers, form coalitions, and launch initiatives that produce real-world outcomes.

Applying a consensus-oriented, risk management-based approach, the Center seeks to demystify the complexities and dispel the confusion around cybersecurity by promoting pragmatic solutions and policy recommendations drawn from the perspectives and practices of those on the frontlines of securing digital infrastructure and information systems.

Our Approach

Our approach is 3-pronged – our extensive knowledge of Cybersecurity policy, our wide network of connections, and our commitment to bettering our communities allows us to envision a future where cybersecurity is everyone’s priority.

Common Sense

We combine deep expertise with rational pragmatism to cut through the confusion and offer real-world solutions to manage cybersecurity risk.

Common Ground

We have the credibility, connections, and confidence to convene all stakeholders around managing cybersecurity risk.

Common Good

We are committed to advancing legal and policy solutions that lead to a more secure world.

Our Impact

We work toward outcomes that support the general health of the security ecosystem and provide a net benefit to government, industry, and advocacy organizations globally. Below you will find some of the CCPL milestones that make our work important.

Early 2017

CCPL is Founded

Established in 2017 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit within Venable LLP’s Cybersecurity Services group, the Center combines policy expertise with convening power to bring industry leaders together with policymakers, form coalitions, and launch initiatives that produce real-world outcomes.

December 2017

Cybersecurity Coalition Convenes

Coalition Convenes

January 2018

Better Identity Coalition Launches

Launched in early 2018, the coalition is an initiative of the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law, a nonprofit dedicated to working with policymakers to advance cybersecurity initiatives.


Coalition to Reduce Cyber Risk

The Coalition to Reduce Cyber Risk (CR2) is a multi-sector, multi-national coalition, partnering with governments around the world to increase adoption of risk-based approaches to cybersecurity. Our principles for cybersecurity risk management are grounded in industry experience and a successful track record and include: clarity and consistency, risk-based, outcome focused, and agility.

September 2021

Vulnerability Management Coalition

On September 13, the Coalition hosted its kickoff Vulnerability Management Workshop featuring speakers from across the spectrum who shared their thoughts on these important issues and discussed how stakeholders could most effectively engage to ensure that vulnerability-related policies and standards are rational and effective.



Launched in 2022, the DigiAmericas Alliance aims to bring together Latin American cybersecurity professionals to promote best practices and information sharing in the region.


Hacking Policy Council

The Hacking Policy Council aims to make technology safer and more transparent by facilitating best practices for vulnerability disclosure and management, as well as empowering good faith security research, penetration testing, and independent repair for security.

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