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Breaking the endless loop and reframing the encryption debate

Encryption advocates and law enforcement are stuck in an endless loop when it comes to debating encryption. It's time for industry and law enforcement to sit down, discuss challenges, listen to one another, and work together to create solutions.

Protecting Network Resiliency

Vulnerabilities, flaws, or misconfigurations in the network device ecosystem can have a devastating effect. To prevent this, the Network Resilience Coalition is making recommendations on best practices for both vendors and consumers.

Network Resilience Coalition Offers Recommendations for Improving Network Infrastructure Security in New White Paper

A white paper from the Network Resilience Coalition, an alliance composed of technology providers, security experts, and network operators, offers recommendations on how vendors and users of networking products can improve network security.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law staff offer their predictions on what's to come in 2024 and the season finale of the Distilling Cyber Policy podcast offers some additional commentary on what's ahead.

Joint Letter of Experts on CRA and Vulnerability Disclosure

As concerned cybersecurity experts who have dedicated our lives to improving the security of the online environment, we urge you to reconsider the vulnerability disclosure requirements under the proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

Red teaming large language models at DEF CON 31

Trying to trick large language models into giving up credit card number may not see like true red teaming but throwing thousands of people with different backgrounds will help establish guardrails to prevent these systems from misbehaving.

AI is here: What it means for digital identity and cybersecurity

As artificial intelligence has taken front and center, new threats the technology can enable have increased, making it harder than ever to know what -- and who -- is real online.

New Network Resilience Coalition Launches to Address Threats to Outdated Network Infrastructure on a Global Scale

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Industry leaders across networking, service providers and cybersecurity today announced the launch of the Network Resilience Coalition...

Prioritizing cybersecurity for state government: How a ‘whole of government’ approach benefits all

As cybersecurity concerns are front and center for state technology leaders, some jurisdictions are looking at a "whole of government" approach that would enable them to help locals and school districts.

Report: How a ‘whole of government’ approach to cybersecurity can help states

A look at how a "whole of government" Approach to cybersecurity can help states, locals and school districts.