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Is it Time for Mandatory Multifactor Authentication?

In the wake of the Change Healthcare breach – caused by compromised credentials and no multifactor authentication (MFA) on a remote access server – is it time for government to mandate MFA for critical infrastructure organizations?

Is Phishing-Resistant MFA Table Stakes?

A token with a six-digit code was the ultimate in MFA but with the rise of AI and other sophisticated attacks organizations need to look at phishing-resistant authentication.

Event Recap: 2024 Identity, Authentication, and the Road Ahead Policy Forum

A recap of the "Identity, Authentication, and the Road Ahead” Policy Forum hosted by the Better Identity Coalition, FIDO Alliance, and the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Better Identity at Five Years: An Updated Policy Blueprint and Report Card

The last five years has seen America make mixed progress on digital identity – in some cases embracing recommendations and moving forward – and in others stalled and rudderless in efforts to counter criminals and hostile nation states.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law staff offer their predictions on what's to come in 2024 and the season finale of the Distilling Cyber Policy podcast offers some additional commentary on what's ahead.

(Digital) Identity Crisis: The Need for a National Digital Identity Strategy in the U.S.

If you look at every peer country to the U.S. there is either a robust digital identity program in place or a national initiative under way. But the U.S. is an outlier and needs to prioritize these efforts to protect citizens and stop fraud.

FinCEN: $212 billion in likely financial crimes linked to identity verification breakdowns

FinCEN has linked $212 billion in suspicious activity reports to breakdowns in identity verification.

AI is here: What it means for digital identity and cybersecurity

As artificial intelligence has taken front and center, new threats the technology can enable have increased, making it harder than ever to know what -- and who -- is real online.

State Policy Blueprint Puts States at the Center of Digital Identity

State governments are perfectly positioned to lead the way in solving many of the digital identity problems. The Better Identity Coalition has six key initiatives focused on making identity systems work better.

K-12 Institutions at Risk of Cyber Attack

A new report shows that K-12 schools are at a higher risk of cyberattack from ransomware operators and hacktivists.