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Cybersecurity Coalition, ADI Submit Comments on Updated Acquisition Regulations

The Cybersecurity Coalition, in partnership with the Alliance for Digital Innovation, submitted comments to U.S. government agencies regarding the proposed updates to the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Hacking Policy Council Comments on NIST's responsibilities from AI EO

The Hacking Policy Council summited comments in response to the Request for Information (RFI) related to NIST’s responsibilities under the Artificial Intelligence Executive Order 14110.

Hacking Policy Council Comments to New York State Department of Health on Proposed Hospital Cybersecurity Requirements

The Hacking Policy Council (“HPC”) submits the following comments in response to the New York Department of Health’s proposed addition to Section 405.46 to Title 10 NYCRR (“Hospital Cybersecurity Requirements).

Reframing the Conversation: A Deep Dive into the Encryption Debate

Governments say encryption prevents law enforcement from doing their job, but encryption protects everyone, including children and other vulnerable populations.

Joint industry comments push for permanent FCC Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Program

Joint comments to the Federal Communications Commission call for permanent funding for Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Program.

Proposed FAR Rule on Data Localization Would Undermine U.S. Cybersecurity, Competitiveness

The newly proposed Federal Acquisition Regulation would advocate for data localization to the detriment of the U.S. Government’s mission, overall cybersecurity, and impact innovation.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law staff offer their predictions on what's to come in 2024 and the season finale of the Distilling Cyber Policy podcast offers some additional commentary on what's ahead.

The Path to Banning Ransomware Payments

For years there have been discussion around banning ransomware payments, but these have been too extreme. Now is the time for a reasonable scenario to ban payments.

Episode 10: Kemba Walden - Reflections of an Acting National Cyber Director

Former U.S. National Cyber Director Kemba Walden joins Alex Botting and Jen Ellis from the Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law on the latest episode of the Distilling Cyber Policy podcast.

Most Promising Development of 2023: Government Focus on Cyber Policy

The most positive cybersecurity development of 2023? The focus and engagement of government policymakers spanning the globe.