The Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law (CCPL) and its Digi Americas Alliance are excited to share details about the second annual LATAM CISO Summit. The Summit is an invitation-only, closed-door event that brings together the most senior cybersecurity leaders, operators, and influencers from Ibero-America, to discuss the most critical and challenging threats and trends in the digital world. This year, we organized the event in partnership with Telefonica and the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and it will take place in Madrid, Spain on Oct. 2-3, 2023.

Why Spain? The second edition of the summit will take place in Madrid for several reasons. Firstly, Telefónica, one of the largest telecom operators in Europe and LATAM, kindly offered to host us. Earlier this year, the EU and LATAM launched their Digital Alliance, creating a framework for relevant cooperation between Latin America and Europe. Finally, Spain is the “natural bridge” between LATAM and the “Old Continent,” and will occupy the upcoming presidential term of the European Council. The Summit will serve as the kickoff for Cybersecurity Awareness Month for both regions. 

We are very fortunate to have the participation of numerous relevant cybersecurity authorities from across Latin America and the Caribbean, including:

  • Saul Kattan, Senior Advisor to the President of Colombia
  • Paula Bogantes, Minister of ICT of Costa Rica
  • Javier Juarez Mojica, Commissioner, Federal Commission of Telecommunications (IFT) of Mexico
  • Luiz Fernando Moraes da Silva, Secretary of Information Security and Cybersecurity of the Presidency of Brazil
  • Oscar Niss, Under Secretary of Cyber Defense of Argentina
  • Jose David Montilla, Vice Minister of Digital Transformation of the Dominican Republic
  • Daniel Alvarez, National Cybersecurity Coordinator of Chile, among other relevant high-level government and private sector actors. 

Across the two-day event, sessions will cover a variety of issues and provide participants with networking opportunities. Discussions include topics such as cybersecurity trends impacting our future, the synergy of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, shaping the cyber mindset of the leaders, choosing and implementing effective cybersecurity frameworks, and workforce development - among others.

The LATAM CISO Summit is a space created to enable its attendees to build trust, generate public-private sector partnerships, gather unique insights, and keep developing a community of leaders and decision-makers across the region. Cross-border and complex problems require cross-border and open-minded solutions. We look forward to supporting this kind of collaboration at the Summit. 

You can find more information about pre-registering here.

Belisario Contreras & Ines Jordan-Zoob

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