Belisario Contreas' opinion piece in CSO explains how Costa Rica failed to implement the cyber-preparedness strategy that it laid out five years ago and now serves as an example not only to other Latin American nations but also to the world.

Costa Rica’s newly-elected president has declared a national state of emergency, as its ongoing crisis costs the nation an estimated USD $38 million a day.

Perhaps in a different time, we would assumed the country had been struck by a devasting natural disaster or was struggling with some internal conflict—but times have changed. Costa Rica has been struck not by an earthquake or a bomb or a strike, but by a new national crisis: cybercrime.

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Belisario Contreras

Belisario Contreras is Senior Director, Global Security & Technology Strategy at Veneble LLP. ‍The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not of his employer.

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