CyberNext DC is back! The Cybersecurity Coalition and the Cyber Threat Alliance will be hosting its day-long policy summit on Tuesday, Oct. 10, featuring prominent members of the cybersecurity community as well as administration leadership who are actively engaged in cybersecurity policy issues.

In an increasingly interconnected world with constantly evolving cyber threats, promoting policies to strengthen the digital ecosystem is critical. Such policies include promoting a risk management approach to protecting networks and systems, adopting innovative technologies to protect from the latest malicious cyber activity, and actively engaging with government and industry partners to share information.

This day-long event will feature top policymakers, leading industry practitioners, and other experts discussing the current state of cybersecurity, fostering critical discussions among participants, and identifying forward thinking approaches to improve cybersecurity. Below is a preview of all the panels scheduled for the event and the topics you can look forward to hearing discussed.

Securing the Digital World: Perspectives from Cybersecurity Luminaries

Moderator: Sam Curry | Chief Security Officer, Cybereason

Jaya Baloo | Chief Security Officer, Rapid 7

Kris Lovejoy | Global Practice Leader, Security and Resiliency, Kyndral

Josh Corman | Vice President Cyber Safety Strategy, Claroty

The Cybersecurity Luminaries panel is a fan favorite at CyberNext DC! This panel will seek to entertain with lively and spontaneous dialogue while bringing important and diverse perspectives to innovative issues. This year some of the discussion topics include artificial intelligence, the increasing number of cyberattacks in healthcare, software supply chain security, securing critical infrastructure, and more. You can look forward to hearing candid conversations among our panelists on the future of securing the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Equity at Work: Building and Nurturing Diverse Talent for the Future

Moderator: Heather West | Senior Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy Services, Venable

Camille Stewart Gloster | Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology & Ecosystem, ONCD

Michael Alicea | Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Trellix

Nicole Tisdale | Senior Advisor for Cyber Workforce and Education, The Aspen Institute

This panel session promises an exploration on current cybersecurity workforce initiatives, namely how hiring and developing a diverse cyber workforce can support better security outcomes. The discussion aims to highlight how a diverse workforce is better equipped to combat the multifaceted nature of cyber threats, as varied perspectives can offer innovative solutions. The session will examine how these issues are being addressed in the National Cyber Strategy, as well as steps that entities can take to greater incentive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cyber workforce.

For the Greater Good: Funding the Future of the Internet

Moderator: Michael Daniel | President & CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance

Jen Ellis | Founder, NextJenSecurity

Phil Reitinger | President & CEO, Global Cyber Alliance

Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar | Director, Digital Society Institute, ESMT Berlin

Although not widely known, many critical Internet services and functions depend on non-profit organizations and volunteers funded largely through philanthropy. This model worked well (enough)when the Internet was new, but given our global dependence on cyberspace, we are reaching the limits of this model’s ability to meet demand.  The “For the Greater Good: Funding the Future of the Internet” panel will examine how certain critical activities for the public interest and common good are funded now and explore possible alternatives.  This session will also incorporate international perspectives, recognizing that cybersecurity threats are inherently global. The panel discuss innovative financing mechanisms, international collaboration, and strategic investments that can help ensure critical cybersecurity activities remain available to safeguard the common good.

702 Reauthorization - Is it Important for Cybersecurity?

Moderator: To be announced

Megan Stifel | Chief Strategy Officer, Institute for Security and Technology

Sara Hlavaty |

Johnathan Mayer | Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs, Princeton University

This panel session will provide an informed discussion regarding the significance of reauthorizing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in the context of cybersecurity. Since the Biden Administration has come out in favor of reauthorizing section 702, some have pointed to the growing number of foreign cyberattacks on the U.S. as an argument in favor of this controversial surveillance tool. This discussion will explore whether the reauthorization of 702 is essential for enhancing national cybersecurity and aims to shed light on the nuanced relationship between surveillance laws and cybersecurity measures, addressing the need for transparency and effective tools to combat evolving cyber threats.

Strategies for Product Security

Moderator: Charley Snyder | Head of Security Policy, Google

Taylor Roberts | Global Director, Security & Trust Policy, Intel Corporation

Additional Speakers are being finalized.  

Our final panel discussion will focus on all thing’s product security! The panelists will weigh in on concepts such as secure by design/default, tech accountability, and the implications of shifting the security burden. Our panelists will cover recent legislative developments like the Cyber Resilience Act and engage with the historical context that has led governments to refocus their attention “upstream” after having emphasized operational issues and enterprise security. The discussion will also analyze current policy and regulatory approaches towards product security and where they can be improved!

You can register for CyberNext here.

Bri Law & Alexis Steffaro

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