With Hacker Summer Camp approaching next week, it's an exciting time for the cybersecurity community, as it encompasses three major conferences: DEF CON, Black Hat, and BSides in Las Vegas. These conferences are renowned for bringing together security experts, hackers, policymakers, and professionals to discuss and exchange ideas on cybersecurity and technology policy.

In a recent interview, Alex Botting and Jen Ellis from the Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law sat down with Beau Woods and Harley Geiger, two experts in the cybersecurity field. Beau plays a vital role in DEF CON's Policy Department, focusing on facilitating productive conversations between hackers and policymakers; and Harley is a cybersecurity attorney and policy expert at Venable LLP, where he works on shaping technology policy.

For those who want to understand the benefit of bringing together policymakers and security experts, get the inside scoop of what to expect at this year’s events, and know how to make the most out of their time in Vegas, check out the newest Distilling Cyber Policy episode on Spotify, Apple, or Google

Tanvi Chopra

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