Hacking Policy Council

What We Do

Ethical hacking, vulnerability disclosure, and penetration testing improve security for consumers, enterprises, and society. However, outdated laws create restrictions and liability for these practices, and emerging legal requirements on vulnerability management are not always clear or in the best interests of security. There continues to be a lack of awareness and effective adoption of best practice, and policymakers have not implemented practical solutions to protect and encourage vulnerability disclosure and management.

Key goals of the Hacking Policy Council

  • Create a more favorable legal environment for vulnerability disclosure and management, bug bounties, independent repair for security, good faith security research, and pentesting;
  • Grow collaboration between the security, business, and policymaking communities;
  • Prevent new legal restrictions on security research, pentesting, or vulnerability disclosure and management; and
  • Strengthen organizations’ resilience through effective adoption of vulnerability disclosure policies and security researcher engagement.