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Addressing Concentration Risk in Federal IT

The Center conducted a multi-stakeholder tabletop exercise in April to explore a form of concentration risk where a single software, configuration, service, or hardware becomes dominant in an ecosystem.

Cybersecurity Coalition Releases EU Policy Roadmap 2024-2029

At CyberNext Brussels, the Cybersecurity Coalition released an EU Policy Roadmap that would help ensure Europe's collective digital resilience.

Trusted App Stores: Protecting Security and Integrity

The mobile app store provisions of the DMA could undermine foundational security in the mobile phone ecosystem. The Center is concerned that a proliferation of ways to install apps will be overwhelming to users and open avenues for bad actors.

Joint Letter of Experts on CRA and Vulnerability Disclosure

As concerned cybersecurity experts who have dedicated our lives to improving the security of the online environment, we urge you to reconsider the vulnerability disclosure requirements under the proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

Mobile Future: Pathways to Continued Improvement in Mobile Security and Privacy

As cybersecurity experts across the digital economy struggle to keep pace with ever-evolving threats, advancements in mobile security and privacy offer a vision into how security can be done properly while enabling continuous improvement. While new…

Enterprise Environment Visibility

Evolution in technology often creates challenges as governments and industry seek to balance the tradeoffs between security, privacy, visibility, and efficiency. When done correctly, these four elements combine to enable products and services that…